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Anonymous said:
why aren't you blogging?

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I look shit without makeup and i look shit with makeup do you see my problem

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person: hey hows life
me: not enjoyable at all 2 stars would not recommend
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why does waldo wear stripes? because he doesn’t want to be spotted

this is legit humour

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When walking down the hallway at school:
Me: Get the fuck out of my way
Me: Couples..
Me: I REALLY APPRECIATE being elbowed in the side thank you for that
Me: Oh yes, hug your friend in front of my locker I'll just stand here and pretend i have better things to do with my life
Me: What are you looking at do not make eye contact with me
Me: This book better not drop and if it does I am not picking it up because effort
Me: Step on the back of my shoe again and I will end you
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If we should have learned anything from Mitch Lucker, its that


With every breath you take, you’re dying.

With every step we take we’re falling apart.

If we only had one chance we’d breathe, 

So let’s take this chance right now and scream.

You only live one life, for a very short time.

So make every second divine.

Live life hard.“ 

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Yami kara tasukete
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